Tenancy Fraud Conference

This sold out conference – organised by the Tenancy Fraud Forum and Anthony Collins Solicitors, and chaired by Katrina Robinson MBE – will be held in Birmingham on Tuesday, 19 November 2019

There will be sessions on:

  • How to investigate Right to Buy, Voluntary Right to Buy and Right to Acquire Fraud
  • Intention to Return Defences and How to Prepare for Them
  • Tackling Fraud and Subletting in Shared Ownership
  • Interviewing Suspects for Possession Claims and Unlawful Profit Orders
  • Succession Fraud – Spot It and Stop It

One thought on “Tenancy Fraud Conference”

  1. Really looking forward to your presentation Andy. Intention to return defences can be tricky, but I do think some social landlords are playing it too safe with them.

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