Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud

This is the post excerpt.

Hello…I am Andy Lane and this is my first clumsy attempt at a blog to accompany ‘Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud’, a book that I have written as part of the Cornerstone Barristers’ series.

I am keen to hear of successful initiatives in the field of social housing fraud, identify good practice and update readers on the relevant law – civil or criminal. As I get more confident (and time) I will seek to develop this site and its resources so that it becomes a (hopefully) interesting and useful source of information for those involved in its subject area – whether that be lawyers, local authority or housing association officers, or anyone with an interest in this field.

I am incredibly fortunate that my friend and colleague, Richard Hanstock, has agreed to join me in this enterprise and will ensure the references to Manchester United are kept to a minimum and the quality of the posts is high.